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About Quick Guards

I design and build custom pickguards for all guitar/bass brands & models. My specialty is sparkle or flake guards but also use Mother of Pearl , PVC, Tortoise Shell, Abalone, Vinyl Record to name a few materials, if I can cut it I'll make a pickguard out of it.

Every order I do is like a piece of art for me and really enjoy creating something new. All the photos on the site are accurate but can never fully express the beauty they hold. Keep in mind the Crackle & Beaded design guards are all unique. No two are the same so the one you order could have smaller or larger crackles. For a better look - Check out the video section.

Why do I ask if you have 21 or 22 fret neck? Because the 22 fret neck hangs over the pickguard leaving very little room for the guard to slide underneath. So for all the 22 fret neck guitars I make a smooth dip down by the neck pocket. This insures that the pickguard will fit.

Tracing: Scotch tape your pickguard down on white paper. Use a mechanical pencil because the drawn line will be thin and does not bleed like ink. Include your guitar/bass Make and Model name/number.

Mailing: You can fold the tracing and send in a small envelope. It will only cost you the price of one stamp. After we receiving it I will send you a paypal invoice.

Contact me for any questions. If you don't see what you are looking for on this site that doesn't mean I can't make it. Any of the finishes you see on this site can be applied to any other pickguard. You can email me your custom order & in most cases there will not be an up charge for this. All pickguards are guaranteed 30 day return full refund.


Mike Quick